Washington D.C., District of Columbia

Thursday, September 7th 

President Donald H. Trump managed to secure a political agreement with the Democratic Party for the economic relief of survivors of hurricane Harvey in Texas. Although facing criticism by fellow Republican cabinet members for raising the national debt ceiling in order to provide the much needed funds to those in need, the U.S. President deemed it necessary to do so. The debt ceiling will be raised at this time for approximately three months according to the plan, setting aside the tax reforms that were to be set in place before the end of the year.

San Jose, California

Friday, September 8th 

A gruesome murder occurred in the 4200 Block building of San, Jose California at approximately 6:47 p.m. Police dispatch found a man laying on the ground, suffering from at least one stab wound. The victim was transported to a local hospital where he later succumbed to his wounds. Although San Jose P.D. are still gathering information, they believe that this murder is connected to yet another homicide that occurred just five minutes prior to the incident on Hellyer Avenue and Palisade Drive, some miles away and are believed to have pinpointed the suspect. A Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff just moments later reported that he spotted the alleged suspect’s vehicle on Bentoak Lane in San Jose, however he still remains at large.

Pinson, Alabama

Friday, September 8th 

Sgt. Jack Self of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, reported that deputies found more than $16 thousand worth of methamphetamine in a couple’s  home in Pinson, after a raid was conducted in search for a fugitive. Even though the fugitive, Glenn Allen Shoemaker Jr. was not found during the initial search, agents managed to discover six ounces of meth, prescription pills, marijuana, two slot machines, body armor and 11 guns during the second search. The couple was detained and awaits sentencing in court over the next days.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Saturday, September 9th 

Officers of the Fifth Precinct of the Minneapolis P.D. responded to an emergency call for “shots fired” just east of Lake Harriet, at approximately 2:52 a.m., where they found a male laying dead inside his vehicle on Interstate 35W. According to the latest news release, the assailant shot his victim while driving. The victim’s car headed off course, crashed into the sound wall of the Intersate at the location of 45th Street and Stevens Avenue. No arrests have been made up to this point, and police are gathering further information concerning the homicide.

Helena, Montana

Sunday, September 10th 

FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency), approved a disaster fund aimed at economically supporting the state of Montana, after the state was battered by wildfires throughout the months of July and August this past summer. The fires that highly affected the areas in and around Libby, Sheeley Lake and Lincoln, caused damage worth millions of dollars that FEMA is ready to cover. According to State officials, Montana had spent over $50 million in fire suppresion in the month of July alone and is not in a position to keep providing these economic funds without further support.

New York, New York

Monday, September 11th 

Ground Zero in downtown Manhattan, filled with people in the morning hours of September 11th who gathered in order to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. Every year on this day, a vigil is held in rememberance of the approximately three thousand people who perished during the attacks. Dignitaries at the Manhattan event included Mayor Bill de Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Charles Schumer and former Mayor Mike Bloomberg, while many New Yorkers, including family members and friends of the deceased, held moments of silence at the same exact site where sixteen years ago, hijacked American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the North and South Towers of the WTC.

Lebanon, New Hampshire

Tuesday, September 12th

49 year-old Travis Frink of Warwick, Rhode Island shot and killed his 70 year-old mother inside the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire at approximately 1 p.m. on Tuesday. The Medical Center was immediately placed on lockdown as Lebanon Police stormed the building and arrested Frink. Although the attacker’s motives for the heinous crime are not yet known, he was placed under arrest and awaits severe sentencing. No other patients or medical staff at the hospital were injured during the incident. In a seperate incident in 2013, Frink’s wife and son were found dead inside their car in Providence, Rhode Island, however Frink was acquitted of the charges of their possible murder.

Key West, Florida

Tuesday, September 12th 

Southern Florida, and especially the Keys (just south of Miami) took a very heavy toll from tropic hurricane Irma that swept through the Carribean and made its way north to the southeastern shores of the United States (including Georgia and the Carolinas). According to recent updates in the Keys, more than 25% of the homes in the area were completely destroyed and about 65% were severely damaged. Over six and a half million people are without electric power in the Southeast (in areas such as Naples on the Gulf Coast, Miami and Fort Lauderdale) as of late last night, and the first major central and Southern Florida airports are just reopening, after being shut down during the weekend for safety purposes.

Spokane, Washington

Wednesday, September 13th 

A school shooting resulted in the death of one person and left multiple others wounded Wednesday morning. The assailant, whose personal information has not yet been released by the Spokane Police Department (it is believed that he was a student there), entered Freeman High School of Spokane, Washington carrying a small-arms weapon and randomly shooting at students in the school’s hallway. Five ambulances, police cruisers and a helicopter responded to the distress call almost immediately. The shooter was attained by the police, who later secured the entire building. All wounded students were evacuated and taken to the Sacred Heart Hospital for further treatment. Their condition remains stable.

Charleston, South Carolina

Thursday, September 14th 

Lt. Dareyl Stark, police officer at the VA Hospital in Charleston, is hailed  a hero after saving the lives of three people, including an infant baby, from the floodwaters that hurricane Irma left behind. The family of three, who were leaving their hotel at the time of the incident, nearly drowned, when the water levels rapidly increased, and started flooding the interior of their car leaving them trapped. Luckily, on duty officer Lt. Dareyl Stark, who was, as he claims “at the right place at the right time”, rushed to the vehicle, and via the driver’s window, helped the three people safely exit the safely exit and reach dry land. According to Lt. Stark, water levels exceeded four feet, and the whole evacuation process lasted approximately two minutes.

For the Eoellas,

Nikos Mizas, Editor.