Inglewood, California 

Thursday, September 21 


A woman was reportedly shot dead while waiting for a taxi in the 800 Block of Victor Avenue in Inglewood, California in the early hours of Thursday, September 21st. In what seems to be an apparent drive-by shooting (possibly gang related), the woman, who was accompanied by a male of similar age, was approached by a vehicle and was shot at point-blank range. She died instantly. When police arrived at the scene at approximately 2:03 in the a.m., they found her body on a side curb, while her male companion was not hurt in the incident.  Inglewood P.D. has not released the name or age of the victim, however an intensive man hunt is underway. The once extremely violent and gang-infested neighborhood of Inglewood has managed to minimize its homicide related incidents over the past few years, so this homicide incident brought back some undesirable memories from the past. 


Omaha, Nebraska 

Friday, September 22 


Authorities say that a 32-year-old man (James E. Womack), was shot dead inside his semitrailer in one of downtown Omaha’s busiest streets. The incident occurred at the intersection of 60th and L streets in the downtown business district of the city, in broad daylight, at approximately 4:30 p.m. When the first police responders arrived at the scene, the victim was still alive, although in critical condition. He was transferred to a nearby hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds moments later. Omaha P.D. has not yet released any specific information regarding this incident, but are urging locals, who may have witnessed the shooting, to testify as soon as possible. 


Dallas, Texas 

Saturday, September 23 


A convenience store shooting occurred in the 3900 Block of South Cockrell Hill Road of Dallas, Texas at about 5 a.m. on Saturday morning. According to latest police reports, two unidentified armed males entered the Sunshine Foodmart store wearing masks, with the purpose of clearing the store register. Although (as can be seen via the store’s security monitoring system), there was no direct confrontation between the clerk and the assailants, but just prior to departing, one of the men, while aiming his gun at the clerk, shot him killing him instantly. The two masked men then fled the scene. Dallas P.D. arrived at the convenience store moments later, and found the body of the deceased clerk, who was hired and started working at the store just three weeks prior. They are calling out to anyone from the area, who might have any additional information regarding the shooting and the two suspects, who are still at large. 


Washington D.C., District of Columbia 

Sunday, September 24 


U.S. President,  Donald H. Trump, is replacing his latest travel ban, with a line of new restrictions, aimed at citizens of six nations (Somalia, Yemen, North Korea, Chad, Iran and Libya) and to some extent, the citizens of Venezuela, whose governments have been deemed “uncooperative” with the Department of Homeland Security and could pose as threats to national security. President Trump tweeted that: 


Making America Safe is my number one priority. We will not admit 

those into our country we cannot safely vet”. 


Unlike the president’s first ban which was planned hastily, causing chaos in many airports across the country and sparking massive national controversy and condemnation, the new travel restrictions have been planned out in detail for multiple months and all countries’ nationals that could be affected have been informed ahead of time, according to the Trump Administration. Visas (business and tourist) can and will be revoked according to the new set of restrictions, and already multiple Venezuelan high ranking governmental officials have been denied the right to arrive on American soil. The Trump Administration is expected to toughen up its stance on foreign arrivals even more, after the recent London tube bombing. Critics have accused Trump of overstepping his legal authority and violating the U.S. Constitution’s protections against religious bias each time he has ordered new travel restrictions. 


Minneapolis, Minessota 

Monday, September 25 


Steven M. Abrams (55) of Minneapolis, admitted to having killed his girlfriend’s brother, Carlton L. Campbell (58), by chocking him to death. According to latest reports, Abrams was kicked out of his girlfriend’s apartment in the 1400 Block of 20th Avenue NW earlier on Monday morning, after a confrontation with her. He then returned later in the evening and was let back in the apartment by the victim. Abrams violently assaulted his girlfriend, was confronted by  Campbell who wanted to protect his sister and who tried to inform 911. In a fit of rage (Abrams is reported to also having been intoxicated), he attacked Campbell, threw him on the ground, and proceeded to chocking him until police arrived. Abrams, who has a history of violent charges and has been convicted in the past of assault, theft, drunken driving and disorderly conduct, is expected to receive a minimum of twenty (20) years by the County District Course. He remains in custody, and the hearing is scheduled for November 15. 


Little Rock, Arkansas 

Tuesday, September 26 


A teen was fatally shot by police at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, in a restaurant parking lot just north of Little Rock, in the Pine Bluff area. Michael Malik Kawon Lee (18), had a severe altercation with another customer as he was exiting the restaurant. When Pine Bluff police officers arrived at the scene, they attempted to break up the fight. One officer tried to remove Lee from the fight. Lee turned around and shot him in the leg and tried to flee from the scene. Another police officer shot him in the back and killed him. One more woman who happened to be in the parking lot at the time of the incident, was wounded by a stray police bullet aimed at Lee. She was taken to the hospital and her condition remains stable. The teen’s body as immediately sent to the State Crime Laboratory for an autopsy. After that, investigators will determine whether the death of Lee was justified or not.  


Los Angeles, California 

Wednesday, September 27 


Hugh Hefner, founder of the best selling men’s magazine Playboy, passed away in his home in Los Angeles of natural causes, on Wednesday, September 27 at the age of ninety one (91). Hefner, who is considered a symbol of the 1950s’ sexual revolution in the United States, started publishing Playboy from his Chicago-home kitchen in 1953 and rose to fame very quickly. At its highest peak, Playboy magazine was selling and shifting more than seven million copies a month globally, presenting some of the world’s most important and renown female sex symbols, models and actresses. Hefner lived a very illustrious life with many of his so-called “playmates” in his luxurious mansion in Los Angeles and was one of Hollywood’s most popular personas. He was also a philanthropist donating millions of dollars to multiple political and other causes. After his death, Playboy redirected every page of its website to a photo of Mr. Hefner, with a quotation attributed to him: “Life is too short to be living someone else’s dream.”     


Providence, Rhode Island 

Thursday, September 28 


Gun shots were fired outside the Sixth District Court in downtown Providence, Rhode Island just before 11 a.m. on Thursday morning. Police immediately rushed to the scene, the building was evacuated and four men were placed under custody. Based on the latest police report brought forth by Providence Police Colonel Hugh Clements, no one was hurt or injured in the incident. The motive/s of the suspects has not yet been revealed, and no firearms have been retrieved by the police so far. The security surveillance system at the courthouse is being processed by authorities, who are trying to determine the possible cause of the incident, and the way it was carried out. 

 Nikos Mizas, Editor