From North to East and West to South

September 01st-08st 2017

Houston, Texas

Thursday August 31st, 2017

The body count from tropic hurricane “Harvey”, that hit the greater metropolitan area of Houston, Texas approximately one week ago, has exceeded twenty-two (22) persons, according to the Houston Police and Fire Departments. The death toll is expected to rise. At the same time, there were at least two large explosions at the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, a suburban area just thirty miles north-east of downtown Houston. No fatalities from the explosions were reported (the area around the facility had been evacuated prior to the storm), and the situation seems to be under control. Chemicals were succesfully transferred and stored inside large refrigerated trailers by the Arkema facility crew. Vice-President Mike Pence, is expected to visit storm survivors in Houston and Corpus Cristi, Texas in the upcoming days.

Washington D.C., District of Columbia

Friday September 1st, 2017

As of today, U.S. President Donald H. Trump has not yet finalized his plan on withdrawing the controversial “D.A.C.A.” act, set forth by the Obama Administration in 2012. The “D.A.C.A.” act, which was put in place to ensure that young immigrants who entered the United States illegally could avoid immediate deportation, protects over 800.000 immigrants who have yet to attain U.S. Citizenship. While the political right is pressuring the President to move forward with the plan as soon as possible, claiming it unconstitutional to protect illegal aliens under the “D.A.C.A.” act, President Trump is also facing tremendous opposition by pro-immigrant groups around the nation who oppose his plan. The so-called “Dreamers”, are awaiting the final decision made by Congress, as it could mean their immediate deportation to their countries of origin and ultimately sever any chance of attaining U.S. Citizenship in the near future.

Los Angeles, California

Saturday September 2nd, 2017

A wildfire has swept through the outskirts of the Los Angeles metropolitan area near Burbank, California. Fire-fighters who have been battling with the flames, say that the fire has spread to over 2,000 acres of land and has reached a dangerous one-mile distance from large home developments, and a couple of large local shopping centers. Although no structures are reported to have been damaged by the fire, multiple citizens living in the area have voluntarily decided to evacuate their homes. High heat, and shifting winds are making the fire-fighters’ job that much more difficult. A twelve-mile stretch of Interstate 210, one of the regions main road arteries connecting Burbank to inner-Los Angeles, will be shut down during the night for security reasons.

Camden, New Jersey

Sunday September 3rd, 2017

24 year-old Victor Ruiz Jr. of Camden, New Jersey, shot and killed Lamar Abdul Thompson (27), also of Camden, and wounded another man (26) on Sunday night. Camden P.D. responded to a shopspotter activation signal for multiple gunshots at approximately 9:41 p.m. Patrol officers reached the scene of the crime, to find the two victims heavily injured, laying on the ground. The victims were transported to Cooper Metropolitan Hospital, were Lamar Abdul Thompson succumbed to his injuries just moments later. The second unonimous victim, remains in the intensive care unit of the hospital in critical condition. Perpetrator Victor Ruiz Jr. was arrested by Camden P.D. at his residence, and has since been charged with one count of first degree Murder, one count of first degree Attempted Murder, one count of second degree Unlawful Possession of a Weapon and one count of second degree Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose.

Kansas City, Missouri

Sunday September 3rd, 2017

In a span of just 24 hours, more than three homicides have been reported in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Dominique Jefferson (34), Kendrick Anderson (27), and Lester Davis (38), were all shot dead in seperate incidents, rising the total homicide toll of the city in 2017 to 104. In all cases the suspects have not yet been identified or attained, and the Kansas City Police Depertment is in search of further information regarding the homicides.

Lucedale, Mississippi

Monday September 4th, 2017

A young boy, aged 3, was found dead on the side of a Mississippi highway near the town of Lucedale, in George County, on Monday morning. The boy, was reported missing the previous night, by his parents who live near Highway 26, where the body was found. No further information has been revealed by the County Sherriff’s office concerning the boy’s death and how it may have occurred, or what may have lead up to it. An autopsy on the decesased body is still pending and the Department of Human Services will be contacted with an initial report of the case, accorduing to George County Sherriff, Keith Harvard.

New York, New York

Tuesday September 5th, 2017

The stock exchange market in Wall Street suffered a tremendous blow on Tuesday morning. DOW Jones reportedly dropped more than 234 points, or nearly 1%. Defence giant, “United Technologies” (UTX) dropped more than 5%, creating a downward spiral, that affected other Wall Street powerhouses such as Goldman Sachs (GS) and JP Morgan Chase (JPM). Both GS and JPM also saw a decrease in their overall percentages, although not to the extent of United Technologies, which is set to purchase Roxwell Collins Industries (COL), for a $23 billion deal sometime this month, despite concerns from investors. September, has historically been considered to be the worst month for Wall Street, however, with the rates decreasing as rapidly as they have been and as early as they have been, this September could well in fact be extremely difficult for investors.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Wednesday September 6th, 2017

Former Oklahoma Republican State Senator, Ralph Shortey (aged 35), appeared in court, after being charged with four federal child sex crimes including child pornography and sex trafficking. He is expected to spend at least fifteen years in a state penitentiary. Shortey came under investigation by the FBI in early March of 2017, when he was caught by police, while staying at a Motel just outside Moore, Oklahoma with a 17-year-old boy. The boy admitted to have had sexual contact with Shortey on multiple occasions in exchange for monetary compensation. Following the incident, the FBI raided Shortey’s home in Cleveland County, and found multiple child pornographic materials on his computer and cell phone, that date back to 2010. Shortey, who is married, pleaded not guilty in court, and is awaiting sentencing.

Devils Lake, North Dakota

Thursday September 7th, 2017

After years of escapes, scandals and concerns over inmate welfare the Lake Region Law Enforcement Center is on the verge of being shut down by the North Dakota Department of Corrections. The state has given the facility a time span of no more than thirty days to “get its act together”, after a recent inspection unveiled over forty necessary jail regulations that aren’t being met. The jail’s administration is set to implement a 30-day training program for its correctional staff, following a much needed cut in personel. By the end of the month, Rob Johnson, head jail administartor, has to provide all necessary documentation to the North Dakota Department of Corrections, proving that the jail is in compliance with all state jail regulations. In the case that the changes implemented by the jail in September, are not approved, the inmates will be transferred to an undisclosed location.

Key West, Florida

Thursday September 7th, 2017

In anticipation of tropic hurricane “Irma”, that swept through the Caribbean islands these past few days, Southern Florida prepares for massive evacuations. Governor Rick Scott is urging all residents of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties (approximately 6 million people) to head north as soon as possible, as the storm heading their way is already at category 5. Due to the fact that Florida is a large, densely populated but simultaneously long and narrow state, evacuation preparations and procedures have to be completed at a much faster pace compared to Texas, to avoid traffic jams on the main highways (evacuation routes), and minimize the time it takes the average driver to head north. Airline companies are also increasing the number of flights departing from the main airports in the southern part of the State. The storm, which is expected to strike Southern Florida momentarily, is the worst one since 1999, when hurricane “Floyd” approached the east coast, causing enormous damage in northern Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, causing nearly 3 million people to evacuate their residences.

For the Eoellas,

Nikos Mizas, Editor.